Welcome To CORSUS Body Care Inc.

Elegance. Naturally.™

Natural Bath and Body Care Products. Friendly to your Body, Friendly to Your Planet.

All of our products contain plant-derived essential oils and natural base ingredients. The pure ingredients are straight from nature that are environmentally friendly, healthy and more supportive of the body’s natural breathing, living, and healing functions.

Essential oils have remarkable therapeutic properties to enhance physical, mental and emotional states of being. Natural essential oils are distilled from various species of flowers, plants, trees and more.

We combine natural base ingredients to create natural products.
What we put in our bodies and what we put on our bodies is directly related to our own health, as well as that of the planet. Proudly paraben free. Not tested on animals. Handmade in British Columbia, Canada.

Best natural soap bars on the planet! Long lasting soap bars!

Meet Your CORSUS Rep Monika Holst


As a 2-time cancer survivor I started becoming aware of healthier choices in my everyday life.  My passion now is to help and educate others about their choices and the benefits of using chemical-free products that are not harmful to your long-term health.  For this reason, I am truly grateful to be apart of the CORSUS family that represents everything I believe in!